About us

We are Cecilia and Leandro, founders of HUANACO, a family business based in Loma Verde, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

We met studying Economics at the University and we continued our journey together.

After 20 years of working beside Argentine companies owners in the management of their businesses, we felt the impulse to start our own project.

This is how HUANACO was born, a new link in the value chain of consciously produced Argentine natural fibers.

Our journey

We started selling wool skeins, hand-spun by a group of rural women, who rescued this technique within the framework of a social economy project in the province of Buenos Aires. Then, we added skeins of angora goat from a Small Producers Cooperative from Neuquén, and colored them with natural dyes.

The following year, we incorporated skeins of Patagonian merino wool, and with more experience in processes with natural dyes we presented a collection of colors specially thought for designer patterns, which had a great impact. It was then, when we confirmed that HUANACO was ready to take the next step, and we decided to take the project to another level: make our own production of natural fiber yarns.

Since we immersed ourselves in this world of natural fibers, we have been getting to know the farmers and their practices; we have learned about animals and their care; we have empathized with their problems and challenges; and we have rejoiced with each achievement and each good season!

Being able to tell you where each skein comes from, has been an ambitious goal, which has led us to get involved in the value chain. We were looking for answers to all the questions that were arising: where does the fiber come from? what treatment do animals receive? what environmental consequences does the way of production have? how does it impact the economy of the region and the producers themselves?

And we discovered spaces with practices and processes that respect the environment, animals, and people. We discovered producers who work imitating nature. And we decided to continue adding value to their production, honoring the work done and the results obtained.

At this moment, we are in the final stage of the start-up of the production process. We have built our new space and we have modern technology machinery for the production of industrial yarns and yarns for manual techniques.

We have in stock the most exquisite Patagonian merino wool fiber, with GRASS certification, which is the first certification of pastures for regenerative grazing in the region. This certification is the base to continue towards the next step: the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV): an international, scalable and affordable methodology that farmers and ranchers can use to measure regenerative outcomes on their land.

Because of all our self-produced products will have a certified regenerative origin, in June we became members of Land to Market, an international organization that is working with brands from all over the world to heal the planet by regenerating its grasslands.

Based on previous experience and putting our technical knowledge at the service of the value chain, we have designed production and management processes that allow us to guarantee the traceability of the fiber, from the field to each skein.

Thanks for joining us!